Eating Large at Fatsquatch Vegan Food Cart

I’ve had my eye on the new Fatsquatch vegan food cart ever since it appeared in winter in my nearest food cart pod. But it took Lukkah, the owner, a while to get the card ready to open. And even now, things are a little spotty – he’s only able to open it on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from noon till seven, unless he sells out earlier. And he’ll be shut for a while in late May/early June for a road trip and appearance at the Eat Drink Vegan festival in Pasadena. That’s how it is for solopreneur food cart owners. There’s only so much time you can keep your cart open.

Fatsquatch vegan Portland

Portland’s cutest food cart?

So I counted myself lucky to catch Lukkah in Fatsquatch on a recent Thursday afternoon. Fatsquatch is painted blue with silhouettes of trees and the namesake Sasquatch himself, making it one of the cutest carts in town. The cart specializes in deep fried appetizers and hearty entrees, which its Facebook page describes as “a fusion of soul, southern and stoner food.” The entrees are all named for places that bigfoot-type creatures have made appearances, hence diners can order an Erie, Ozark or Saint Tammany wrap, bowl or salad. Lukkah’s posted helpful notes about the corresponding sightings that you can read while you wait for your food.

Fatsquatch vegan Portland food cart

Ozark wrap, exterior view

Fatsquatch vegan Portland

Ozark wrap, interior view

I opted for the Ozark wrap, which turned out to be massive, delicious, and filled with barbecue soy curls and slaw. Really good, and enough for two meals. I’d been tempted to order a side of the cheesey grits, but that would have been too much.

Lukkah says he’s never seen a sasquatch, although he’s heard some weird noises while camping. He posited the theory that sasquatches are difficult to find because hunters are using the wrong bait. He suspects the hairy biped to be vegetarian, like apes or cows. As he points out, many of the planet’s largest animals are vegetarian, so why not Squatch?

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