Goats Make Yoga More Fun

Ever since I first heard of Goat Yoga a few months back, I’ve been itching to try it. I finally got my chance and headed down to Corvallis, Oregon with my good friend Heide.

goat yoga Corvallis

Goats enhance lunges.

As any goat lover can imagine, the goats did not disappoint in the cuteness department. Eight goats attended class, including three babies. They’re not housebroken – which made for a messy outdoor yoga studio – but everybody forgave their less-than-polished manners.

Why Goat Yoga?

Lainey Morse, a yoga enthusiast and goat owner, had a tough 2016. She got divorced and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Her only consolation came from her beloved pet goats, especially Annie, a Nigerian Dwarf mini goat. Being a kind person, she decided to share her goat joy with others.   As she writes on her website, “Equine and canine therapy are widely used and recognized for their medical benefits, so why not goat therapy?”

Goat yoga van Corvallis

Goats travel in style.

Goat yoga is a huge success. The goats regularly travel to the Hanson Country Inn in Corvallis and Emerson Vineyards in Monmouth. Goat groupies are selling out the classes.

What’s it Like?

The class I went to was short, fun and relaxed. People were more interested in petting goats than mastering difficult poses. I admit I wore a giant cloth flower in my hair because I knew it would attract goats. Sure enough, one of the darling babies came over to give it a chew.

goat yoga Corvallis

Goats rule this class.

“They bring a note of playfulness,” yoga teacher Heather Davis told me after class. “They distract you from all the hard things about yoga, but at the same time they really bring your focus all here.”

goat yoga savasana

Savasana is challenging when a goat nibbles you.

After the official class time, we enjoyed 30 minutes of goat play time, which included making pyramids with the babies.

goat yoga pyramid

Building a goat pyramid during goat playtime.

goat yoga Corvallis

Cuddly baby goat.

My verdict? Goat yoga is fun! Classes are springing up all over the country. If you like goats – whether or not you like yoga – you’ll probably enjoy a goat yoga class.

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