Meditations for Gym Yogis

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I wrote a yoga philosophy book!


The urge to write Meditations for Gym Yogis snuck up on me over the last few years. I usually read to my Sunday morning students while they’re in savasana. But most books don’t feel right for the secular gym environment. After 10 years of reading excerpts from Happy Yoga by Steve Ross – which is a wonderful book – I just couldn’t take it anymore. Unable to find just the right book, I wrote Meditations for Gym Yogis: An Easy Intro to Yoga Philosophy.


Here are a few things my book covers in a basic, accessible way:

  • Ethical precepts
  • Eight limbs of yoga
  • Chakras
  • Popular Hindu gods
  • Yoga philosophy terms and concepts

It’s available as a paperback or as an ebook.

Here’s what some authors and yoga experts have to say about Meditations for Gym Yogis:

“Teresa Bergen has written a straightforward guidebook for yoga skeptics. An expert on gym yogis and how their needs and interests differ from yogis who practice in a studio, she addresses the more esoteric and ethical underpinnings of yoga in a way that is down-to-earth and practical. Don’t expect New Age-isms or proselytizing. Do expect a general overview of the foundations of yoga practice mixed in with just the right amount of quirky humor and personal experience.” – Jay Fields, yoga teacher and author of Teaching People, Not Poses

“What impresses me most is Teresa’s ability to explain yoga philosophy in a simple and meaningful way. With her wit and charm it’s easy and enjoyable to read. The chapters are short and you can skip around or read it cover to cover. As you read the book you will not only deepen your understanding about yoga but also about yourself. This is the perfect book for anyone interested in yoga. Yoga teachers and passionate yogis can now easily share these beautiful teachings with their students and others. Newer practitioners wanting to learn more on their own will now have an easy resource to help them along the way.” – Jenny Gallagher, yoga teacher and author of Yen Path

My books look even better posing with my cat.

My books look even better posing with my cat.

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