Fitness Product Review: RooSport Pocket

When I was in San Diego earlier this summer for the IDEA World Fitness Conference, Brenda Brundage, CEO of RooSport, gave me a sample of her product to try. Her detachable pocket is designed for runners. You tuck the pocket inside your waistband, then secure by hanging the magnetized flap outside your waistband. Brenda just started her company last September. She’s run 25 marathons, so has had plenty of time to think about products that would make her running life easier.


Roo Pocket in action — I’d put plastic in there, not cash, buddy!

The pocket has a Velcro compartment for your phone or iPod, and a separate zippered compartment for money, ID, a key, or whatever. If you’re going a long distance, you can stick a gel in there. A set of headphones easily threads through a small opening for music listening or phone talking.

RooSport is named for kangaroos, who also have pockets. Brenda said she’s been surprised by how many people didn’t pick up on the correlation, and ask if there’s an Australian connection.

I’ve used my Roo pocket quite a few times in the last two months and have found pros and cons, and a few suggestions for successful use.

First of all, I’m impressed by the power of that magnet! Unless your waistband is as thick as a phonebook, your pocket isn’t going anywhere. But watch your fingers. It doesn’t feel good when they get in the way of the magnet.

Second, my Android phone is just heavy. Having it sit in a pocket by one hip is going to drag my waistband down. I suggest tight pants to help hold your phone in place. And a looser top to hide the bulge.

The Roo pocket is not waterproof, as I noticed when I carried cash in the zippered compartment. Coming home from a run, I stopped at the grocery store to buy bananas. My sweaty dollar jammed the auto checkout and a checker had to come help me. I hid the pocket and acted mystified about my damp dollar. So pack plastic in your pocket instead of cash, as it’s easier to dry off. Nobody wants to handle our sweaty cash.

All in all, I like my RooSport pocket and will continue to use it. On a recent trip, I regretted not taking it along, as it would have saved me running with a hotel key in my hand. Brenda also pointed out that a passport fits inside for foreign runs.

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