Teresa Bergen writes about travel, health, fitness and the arts, and is the author of Vegetarian Asia Travel Guide. She’s written extensively for print and the internet. Teresa has a BA in journalism and an MFA in fiction writing.


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In addition to writing, Teresa teaches yoga, Spinning and group fitness classes, and is an ACE-certified personal trainer.

Teresa got her love of traveling from her parents, who took her and her sisters on many road trips up and down the west coast of the US during her childhood. Her first round the world trip inspired her to write the first edition of her vegetarian travel guide. The 2012 edition is completely revised, and includes dozens of travel tips from vegetarians and vegans who have lived or traveled in Asia.

Vegetarian Asia Travel Guide covers 23 countries. Each chapter starts with a snapshot of the current state of vegetarianism and animal welfare in that country, including information about relevant religious or philosophical traditions and organized vegetarian groups. The bulk of the book focuses on which common dishes are usually vegetarian or vegan, or can easily be made so. Also covered is how to say “I’m a vegetarian” in local languages, food customs and resources for further information.

According to Susianto Tseng, president of the Vegan Society of Indonesia and Asia-Pacific regional coordinator for the International Vegetarian Union, “This book is very useful, helpful, meaningful and informative for vegetarians/vegans in the world as a whole and specifically in Asia.” 

Members of the press who want to contact Teresa may email her at or call her at 503-736-0159.

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Teresa Bergen. Photo by Mary Tapogna


Teresa Bergen. Photo by Nancy Hill.