7 Reasons to Visit Spoonbar or stay at H2 Hotel in Healdsburg

I always respect and appreciate businesses that go for LEED certification. With a world population of 7.5 billion, Earth and its dwellers need everybody to pitch in and find ways to conserve resources. Healdsburg, California’s h2 hotel and Spoonbar, its adjacent restaurant, are committed to environmental conservation. And they do it with style, beauty and delicious food and drink.

Spoonbar Healdsburg

Start with the bread and olives.

I stopped in twice during my recent visit to Healdsburg – once for dinner, and once for a soy cappuccino and a chat with marketing and PR coordinator Lauren Cartwright. Here are seven reasons that you might want to eat and/or stay there during your next Sonoma County visit:

ONE: Spoonbar’s chef can make you a delicious vegan dinner. Start with bread and olives.


Spoonbar Healdsburg vegan

Chef Casey made me this vegan dish with farro and cauliflower.


TWO:  The bartender dreams up creative cocktails and, in my case, mocktails. I had a ginger/pomegranate lemonade.

THREE:  A living roof topped with succulents.

FOUR:  Guests can borrow one of the h2 hotel’s handy bike fleet. Bikes are a fun and healthy way to see town and the surrounding vineyards.

Spoonbar Healdsburg aspargus

Vegan asparagus dish with lemonade.

FIVE:  Water stations on every floor of the hotel offer sparkling, flat or warm water. BYORB. That is, bring your own refillable bottle.

SIX:  Speaking of water, H2 helped restore Foss Creek just behind the hotel. Now it seems to be a happy, healthy creek.

SEVEN:  The 36-room hotel has set up an offsite laundry facility that uses water recycling for more eco-conscious laundering.

Healdsburg Spoonbar vegan

Vegan dessert. Beautiful yet mysterious.

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