Field Testing the Bzees Horizon Boot in Chengdu, China

If you really want to test how comfortable a pair of shoes is, wear them on an airplane and then have the airline lose your luggage. Okay, I didn’t really arrange this test – it was an accident. But it gave me a chance to thoroughly try out the new Bzees Horizon boot while touristing around Chengdu, China.

Bzees Horizon boots

Bzees comfortable and cute Horizon boots

Some info about the Horizon boot: It’s lightweight, machine-washable and made of water-resistant fabric. The brand uses phrases like “free foam footbeds” and “cloud technology” to describe a very comfortable shoe with plenty of padding and a noteworthy amount of arch support. Bzees claims to use unicorn down, but I believe this is a joke as I asked them repeatedly if these shoes were vegan-friendly. They’re definitely fake leather with a little fake fur lining, but they may not be entirely vegan. A customer support representative said a small amount of casein, a milk protein, may be used in making the plastic. I appreciated this amount of honesty. As long as the animal wasn’t killed, I can tolerate the chance of milk protein in my shoes.

Some info about Chengdu: This city of fourteen million, located in Sichuan province, is China’s fourth largest. It’s a fun place to visit the city’s shrines and parks and nearby mountains, and to shop and people watch on the streets.

Chengdu China Horizon boots Bzees

Whether doing kung fu with pandas…

Chengdu Horzin boots Sichuan

…or taking on a famous Sichuan chili pepper, my Bzees Horizon boots performed admirably.

So how did the Horizon boots do? Excellent. Whether I was walking up a bazillion stairs at Mount Emei, shopping on Chunxi Road or strolling through the environs of Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage, my feet were perfectly happy. In fact, when my luggage showed up after four days, I didn’t switch shoes. I kept wearing my Horizon boots, and wore them on the plane home, too. I highly recommend these ankle-high boots as a casual, everyday walking boot to wear with pants.

Bzees also supports dog charities. Check out their Fetching Hope program that works with animal rescue and advocacy groups.

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