Testing Therafit’s Coco ballet flats

I like museums, but my back and feet don’t. That slow museum pace can be torture. So I decided to test my new Coco ballet flats by Therafit while on a history-focused trip to Fredericksburg, Texas.  In two days, I visited close to a dozen historic sites and museums, did a little shopping and took a cemetery walking tour. In the interest of science—or what passes for science on my blog – I did this without breaking them in first. Could be trouble, right?

The verdict: Pretty darn good. My feet still got sore on the bottom, but my back was miraculously fine.

Therafit Coco

Therafit Coco in black

Therafit is a Miami-based shoe company that has put a lot of work into developing and patenting what they call their Personal Comfort System (PCS). Their niche is fashionable yet comfortable everyday shoes. The National Posture Institute and the American Podiatric Medical Association have both endorsed Therafit.

One of the thing that sets this company apart for me is that they offer a vegan-friendly selection of shoes. They’re not an all-vegan company, but they at least recognize this is a concern for many of us. Which I greatly appreciate. They’re also a Certified B Corporation, and have a program called the One Step Forward Giving Campaign. They donate part of each purchase to the customer’s choice of charity partners, focusing on animals, children, women’s health and community outreach.

I’ve been very happy with my Coco ballet flats so far. If you order, make sure you note (as mentioned on Therafit’s website) that these shoes run a little big. I failed to notice this, so mine slip off easily if I wear tights. They stay on better with thicker socks. Also, my pair quickly frayed at the top seam. Not sure if this is a fluke or not.

Current vegan-friendly Therafit offerings include several types of sneakers and thong sandals, and the Coco ballet flats.

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