Therafit offers a line of vegan shoes and Certified B Corp good vibes

While all-vegan companies are my favorites, I also appreciate a company that offers a vegan line of products. Therafit vegan shoes, a Florida-based retailer, specializes in comfortable sneakers, sandals, walking shoes and boots, and offers some styles in vegan-friendly materials. Here’s the lowdown on the features of the shoes, what they offer in vegan styles, and my experiences with the Sienna shoe.



The Deborah sneaker in hot pink

Therafit has gone to great lengths to make this shoe comfortable and supportive for the feet. They even have a patented system of three adaptors stuck in the heels of the shoes. You can control the amount of shock absorbance and support by using one, two or three at once. Gel insert comfort pads, a shock absorbing polyurethane wedge, and renewable insoles with arch and heel support are other comfort features.

B Corps

As a Certified B Corporation, Therafit has to meet high standards of environmental and social performance, transparency and accountability. Currently more than 1,400 for-profit companies in 42 countries have gone through the process – and met the criteria – to be certified. They are redefining what it means to be a successful business. For every pair of shoes sold, Therafit makes a donation to a charity partner.

Vegan Shoes

The Jasmine vegan sandal

Therafit offers about 10 different styles of vegan shoes, including sneakers, sandals and ballet flats. Even the Sandy sandal – basically a flip flop with extra support and arch support – include Therafit’s personal comfort system with the three adaptors, as mentioned above. You can get fun, bright colors like hot pink sneakers or bright yellow sandals. Or opt for more understated sandal choices, such as black, white or pewter. Current prices range from $69 to $109.

The Sienna                                                                                                   

I tried the Sienna, which is billed as a sport casual shoe. The black, red and white plaid with a side zip are very cute. The zip and the plaid add enough flair so they look dressier than sneakers, although they’re pretty much sneakers.

I’m very happy with the look of the Sienna. The arch support feels good, and they have plenty of shock absorption. But for shoes that emphasize comfort, and are even endorsed by the National Posture Institute, I expected them to be much more comfortable. It may just be the way my foot is shaped, but right where the lace goes through the bottom eyelet, the shoe seemed to dig into my bone. It took a lot of walks around the neighborhood to break in this part of the shoe. Eventually I worked up to a two-mile walk, but they definitely rub my little toes and heels more than my Nikes or my Columbia boots. The Siennas are stiffer than the Nikes, which may be why they irritate after a couple of miles. But they’re cute enough I’ll keep trying to further break them in.

Like I said, everybody has a differently shaped foot. So I’d encourage you to try them for yourself, especially if you like to support companies that offer vegan products. Just be sure to first try them inside, as you can’t return them if there are any signs of wear.

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