Tofurky Trotting in Merrell Capra Hydro Hikers and Mission Heating Wear

What do you do when you wake up on Thanksgiving morning with a nasty cold and it’s raining outside, but you’ve already signed up for a Tofurky Trot? Well, if you’re me, and you hate to lose that 30 bucks you prepaid – okay, it’s not lost, it benefits animal charities and NorthwestVEG, but still – you gear up and go.

Merrell Capra shoes

Merrell Capra hydro hikers

Fortunately, I had the perfect rain shoes and warm accessories. Merrell’s Capra Rapid shoes are made for hydro hiking. You can walk through a stream in them and they’re designed to dump water out through little channels in the soles. At one pound, two ounces they’re lightweight. And made from synthetic materials, they’re vegan-friendly. Which is especially important when running in the Tofurky Trot, an annual pro-vegetarian 5K that takes place only in Portland and Pasadena. Hallelujah for Portland!

Merrell Capra Rapids

Posing with a puddle on Thanksgiving 2016

Merrell Capra with newt

The Merrell Capra Rapid fits right in with an amphibious newt spotted on a trail last summer.

I’ve had my Capras since summer but haven’t worn them as much as I wear my Merrell All Out Crush, which are my favorite sneakers. But the Capras will be coming out of the closet more now that we are in the rainy season. They dry fast and have a cord and lock lacing system typically seen in a water shoe. I was very glad to have them in this Thanksgiving’s Tofurky Trot, as the course involved dashing through puddles that were several inches deep. Totally comfortable all the way, and no worries about coming unlaced.

Mission recently sent me a box of goodies to test drive. They use something called 37.5 technology, which is designed to maintain an optimum body temperature by releasing moisture vapor while keeping athletes warm and dry. The brand launched in 2009 with a bunch of athletes behind it, including that great lady Serena Williams. They’d already released a line of cooling wear. But for me, whose hands are always so cold you’d swear I was part lizard, the new heating line is just the ticket.

MISSION 37.5 technology

Decked out in my Mission gear, posing with giant peas and carrots at the Tofurky Trot

MISSION thermal gear

Mission thermal gear for ladies

For the Tofurky Trot, I donned Mission’s neck gaiter, pulled up over my head to protect my sensitive ears, beanie, base layer and gloves. I was a bit overdressed compared to the other runners – it was 50 degrees, not 50 below – but all those layers made me feel better about doing something as foolish as running a 5K when I was sick.

Thanks to the shoes, the heating gear and the good vibes of the plant-powered racers, I put my cold on hold and had a great time. Merrell shoes and Mission heating gear will make good gifts for the fitness fiends on your holiday shopping list.

Now, if I could only run fast enough to win a Tofurky!

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