Wraps: My Favorite New Headphones

These headphones are called Wraps because they’re designed to wrap and wear around your wrist. Despite trying to follow the instructions on the back of the package, I still winded up looking like I had headphones messily wrapped around my wrist. In fact, the picture on the front of the box doesn’t look convincingly like a bracelet, either.

Wraps headphones

People wearing Wraps around their wrists

Despite the fact that I’m never going to wear headphones as jewelry, my Wraps quickly became my favorite headphones. For two main reasons: the braided cable and the color.

Braided cables are made for people like me. I’m not a coiler, but a person who hastily stuffs her headphones in her bag and goes. Which has resulted in starting every elliptical session with about two minutes of unknotting tiny cords. The Wraps don’t tangle, except for the part immediately coming out of the ears, which is regular unbraided cord. But that’s minor and takes only a few seconds to straighten out.

Wraps headphones

Rainbow Wraps

Second, the color. I haven’t been especially into rainbows since the eighth grade, but I immediately fell for the limited edition rainbow color. They are so relentlessly, obnoxiously cheerful! Bright yellow earbuds and a rainbow braided cord. I live in Portland, Oregon, where we have a lot of gray, rainy days. These headphones are so bright they’re a stand-in for the sun!

Don’t worry, if you’re too cool for rainbows, you can get Wraps in regular colors like black and space grey.

They’re quite high-tech with tiny 10 mm titanium speakers, noise-insulating foam tips and extra pairs of silicone tips in small, medium and large. You can also add a universal one button microphone to be able to play, pause your audio, or to answer a phone call, all from the headphone cable splitter. Not that I’ve figured out how to do this yet.

I’ve used my Wraps at the gym, outside, and at my computer. They stay in my ears well, sound great, and are an attractive product. I also like the eco packaging, which seems to be thoughtfully made with an eye to minimizing waste. So even though I’m the type of person who’s too impatient to pore over diagrams of how to properly wrap headphones around my wrist, you know these will be jammed in a pocket of my gym bag, ready for action.

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