Chickpeadx: Falafel Specialists in NE Portland

This micro restaurant is one of my favorite places in Portland to get a falafel. From the adorable smiling chickpea logo to the fresh ingredients, you can count on getting something good here. The small menu is all vegetarian and mostly vegan.

Chickpeadx Portland falafel

Chickpeadx is in The Zipper building.

At Chickpeadx, falafel is the main course. It comes three ways: in a pita, as a salad or in a bowl with brown rice. I’m kind of a falafel traditionalist, so I usually get the pita. The falafel is made from Washington-grown chickpeas and paired with carrot ribbons, chopped cabbage, fried eggplant, diced cucumbers and tomato. You get one sauce for free, then each additional dose costs 50 cents. I always ask for the hottest of the four sauce choices.

chickpeadx Portland

Carrot dip and cauliflower

Chickpeadx also offers a few veggie sides, dips and spreads. The carrot dip is good, as is the flash-fried cauliflower with mint sauce. You can order a platter with three or four sides and warm pita.

chickpeadx Portland

Look deep into my falafel.

Part of the wedge-shaped Zipper building on NE Sandy Boulevard, Chickpeadx shares dining space with a four other micro-restaurants, a bar and coffee shop. Each has its own front entrance, but when you walk through the back you enter the communal dining room. Grab a spot at one of the long picnic tables and dig in.

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