New Compression Sock Looks from Lily Trotters

I come from a sock-loving family. For us, socks are the natural present for any occasion – from birthday to anniversaries to Halloween. Got a promotion? Congratulations, have some socks! But we’re not talking eight-packs of gray sweat socks here. We like socks with stripes, polka dots, glitter, bats, bright colors  — you know, personality.

This lust for cute socks crosses ordinary compression socks off our shopping lists. Tan or white medical compression socks? Can you feel me shudder through the internet?

Thank goodness for sock purveyors like Lily Trotters, a Baltimore-based, woman-owned company that knows a cute sock when they see it. Or, in their case, when they design, manufacture and market it.

Last year about this time, I reviewed their lotus and striped socks. Now I’ve just tried their newest offerings, which include a holiday pattern, the new S’mitten and the Course-it. We’ll look at each of these in a minute. But first, why compression socks?

Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression socks aren’t just for grandmas and grandpas anymore. And that reminds me, your grandmother doesn’t like ugly beige compression socks either, so remember to give her cute Lily Trotters socks for Christmas this year.

Lily Trotters Christmas polka dot socks

Grandma wants these! Photo courtesy of Lily Trotters.

Anyway, the idea behind compression socks is that they raise blood oxygen levels by increasing blood flow from the legs to the heart. This decreases leg pain and cramping, and reduces ankle swelling. They can also help delay varicose veins from forming and prevent deep vein thrombosis, otherwise known as an evil, life-threatening blood clot in your leg.

Here are a few types of folks who might benefit from compression socks:

  • Plane travelers who want to prevent swelling and blood clots on long flights.
  • People who stand on their feet all day for work, including teachers, cashiers, nurses and factory workers.
  • Athletes who want a little more snap in their step.

Okay, let’s see those socks!

Christmas socks

The Dots-a-Plenty pattern in holly green is an understated Christmas sock. No cheesy Santas or leering elves here. Just red and white polka dots on a cheery green background.

Lily Trotters Christmas socks

About to get on an airplane in my Lily Trotters holiday socks.


Available in pink in or blue, the crisscross pattern up the calves of this sock resembles little corsets on your legs. Cute!


Lily Trotter compression socks

Preparing for a run/walk in the new Course-it Lily Trotters.


Inspired by Nordic design, these striped socks have a sort of herringbone pattern around the cuffs. They come in purple, aqua and navy.

Lily Trotters S'mitten compression socks

The S’mitten design. Photo courtesy of Lily Trotters.

In addition to compression, Lily Trotters features moisture-wicking material, antimicrobial treatment for better smelling socks, and reinforced, seamless toes. Comfortable and stylish, these are a good gift for that special traveler, exercise fiend or hard worker on your holiday list.

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